Learning Brazilian Portuguese Learning Brazilian Portuguese 

If you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese, there are numerous professional language schools, universities, audio tape courses, course books and software learning programs available. Many of the larger metropolitan areas will even have private teachers or tutors available. The problem is that everyone learns language differently and what works for one person might not work for you. Generally, adults learn by eye (by reading and absorbing information) and only secondarily by hearing the language. Children are usually just the opposite.

Enrolling in a Portuguese course at a language school can often be cost-effective. Some schools offer fast "immersion" courses but such quick courses are often expensive. Some universities offer Portuguese language courses during the day, and some at night as a part of their continuing education program.. These options are extremely dependent upon your specific location.

Most audio tape courses rely upon you absorbing the language through repetition. Many course books provide fundamental grammar and language instruction and some even have pronunciation practice modules so that you can listen and learn. Many software courses provide instruction and, while they may offer pronunciation help, usually only the basics are covered.

Which method you choose depends upon what is available in your immediate area, whether you learn best in a structured or unstructured setting, the level of your motivation and how much time, money and effort you are willing to devote to the study of the language

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