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(The SUBJUNCTIVE occurs in the DEPENDENT CLAUSE of a sentence)

FUTURE SUBJUNCTIVE: NO DEFINITE FORM IN ENGLISH -- Present and Past Subjunctive and Conditional forms are employed to express Future Subjunctive (if I were to speak/if I would speak/if I should speak/if I may speak/if I might speak)

(3rd person plural preterit indicative = falaram - ram = fala + r/res/r/rmos/rdes/rem)

(eu) falaram - ram = fala + r = falar (if I were to speak, if I would/should speak, if I may speak, if I might speak)

(p) (tu) falaram - ram = fala + res = falares = (if thou were to speak, if thou would speak, if thou may speak, if thou might speak)

(ele, ela, você, o senhor, a senhora, a senhorita) falaram - ram = fala + r = falar = (if he/she/you were to speak, if he/she/you would speak, if he/she/you may speak, if he/she/you might speak)

(nós) falaram - ram = fala + rmos = falarmos = (if we were to speak, if we would/should speak, if we may speak, if we might speak)

(p) (vós) falaram - ram = fala + rdes = falardes = (if ye were to speak, if ye would speak, if ye may speak, if ye might speak)

(eles, elas, vocês, os senhores, as senhoras, as senhoritas) falaram - ram = fala +rem = falarem = (if they were to speak, if they would speak, if they may speak, if they might speak)

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