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The Portuguese Language—overview, history, where it's spoken in the world, Brazilian regional dialects
Changes to the Portuguese Language—overview of the the most recent changes to the language

The Portuguese Alphabetlist and Brazilian pronunciation guide
Brazilian Pronunciationhow to pronounce the different Portuguese vowels, consonants, diphthongs and diagraphs like a Brazilian
Pronunciation—Accent Marks & Verbal StressPortuguese words that include an acute accented -á, -é, -í. -ó or -ú,  the Portuguese til (tilde is Spanish) and the letter ã, Portuguese words ending with -a, -e, -o, -as, -es, -os, -am, -em & -ens, Portuguese nasal vowels, diphthongs and others

Words & Phrases—English & PortuguesePortuguese words and English translations for times, days, months, seasons, directions, measurements, greetings & responses, pronouns & relations, countries, states of the United States and information about Brazilian currency,

English & Portuguese Word Similarities
English & Portuguese Sentence Structure Similarities

Regular Verbsfull conjugation chart for regular Portuguese verbs ending in -ar, -er and -ir also a quick conjugation guide
Some Irregular Verbsfull conjugation chart for many important Portuguese irregular verbs
Definitions of Verb Formsdefinitions of different verb forms

Nouns & Articlesincluding information about noun gender, how to make singular nouns plural, noun suffixes, the definite article (the), the indefinite article (a/an), prepositions & the definite article (contractions), prepositions & the indefinite article (contractions)

Pronounsincluding information about Portuguese subject pronouns, direct & indirect object pronouns, using este, esse and aquele as pronouns, the pronouns isto, isso & aquilo, que as a conjunction & relative pronoun

Adjectivesincluding information about forming feminine adjectives & plural adjectives

Adverbsincluding information about forming adverbs from adjectives as well as adverbs of time, placement & quantity, adverbs that express affirmation & negation

PossessivesPortuguese possessive pronouns
Prepositionsincluding information about forming Portuguese contractions with both the definite and indefinite articles

Conjunctionsincluding and, or, but, when, while, if, because, although, even if, because of

Comparatives & Superlatives —comparisons of inequality

Forming Questions in Portuguese—how to form questions in Portuguese
Forming Questions in Portuguese (Interrogatives)—interrogative words used in Portuguese questions

Forming Negatives—how to make a Portuguese sentence negative

Cardinal Numbers—in Portuguese with English translations
Ordinal Numbers—in Portuguese with English translations

Colors—in Portuguese with English translations

Times—includes all topics listed below
     Days of the Week—in Portuguese with English translations
     Months of the Year—in Portuguese with English translations
     Seasons of the Year—in Portuguese with English translations
     Directions - Cardinal Points—in Portuguese with English translations
     Measurements—in Portuguese with English translations
     Brazilian Currencyinformation, denominations, pictures, exchange rates, Brazilian use of commas and periods in numbers and more

Brazil Travel Tips and Informationtips to help you plan your trip, make your journey more enjoyable and allow you to make more informed decisions

This online grammar guide is only intended to be a quick reference. Its purpose is to provide a broad overview of Brazilian Portuguese grammar, not an all encompassing master reference. Those requiring more detailed information should consult a comprehensive Portuguese grammar book. This is a work in progress and is being augmented over time.

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