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IMPERSONAL: falar = to speak

PERSONAL INFINITIVE: (me to speak). A Personal Infinitive (per se) is not present in English. In English, a Personal Infinitive is usually formed with the aid of the preposition for as in "he wished (for) me to speak."

(eu) falar = "... (for) me to speak."

(p) (tu) falar + es = falares = "... (for) thou to speak."

(ele, ela, você, o senhor, a senhora, a senhorita) falar = "... (for) him/her/you to speak."

(nós) falar + mos = falarmos = "... (for) us to speak."

(p) (vós) falar + des = falardes = "... (for) ye to speak."

(eles, elas, vocês, os senhores, as senhoras, as senhoritas) falar + em = falarem = "... (for) them to speak."

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