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(The Conditional is called the preterit future in Portuguese)

(SIMPLE): (I would/should drink)

(Infinitive of verb beber + ia/ias/ia/íamos/íeis/iam)

(eu) beber + ia= beberia = (I would/should drink)

(p) (tu) beber+ ias = beberias = (thou would drink)

(ele, ela, você, o senhor, a senhora, a senhorita) beber+ ia = beberia = (he/she/you would drink)

(nós) beber+ íamos = beberíamos = (we would/should drink)

(p) (vós) beber + íeis = beberíeis = (ye would drink)

(eles, elas, vocês, os senhores, as senhoras, as senhoritas) beber + iam = beberiam = (they would drink)

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