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Welcome! - Bem-vindo! was created to provide English-speaking people around the world with information, knowledge, understanding, assistance, help, and practical tips about Brazil and its vast expanses, peoples, culture, language, customs, mores, history, as well as the dichotomies that one may encounter. We make every effort to keep all pages as up-to-date as humanly possible. Additionally, new topics and information are added as required or available. Language Resources 
The Portuguese LanguageIts history and use around the world
Brazilian Portuguese Grammar Guide150+ page easy to digest overview of Brazilian Portuguese grammar, words, phrases, pronunciations and translations with tons of information
Online Translation Guideour guide to the best free online translators available on the Internet
Translation Software Buyer's Guidewhat you need to know and understand BEFORE you purchase any language translation software program
Tips for Making Better TranslationsA few simple things that you can do to help produce more consistent, intelligible and accurate translations when using machine translation software
Learning Brazilian PortugueseSome ideas about learning the language
Windows United States International KeyboardHow to type all diactricals (accented characters) required for Portuguese and all other Western European languages
Professional Translation Services -- to/from English or PortugueseHave your text translated to or from Portuguese or English professionally (paid service)
Portuguese Lessons & Voice-Over and Translation Services —Learn Portuguese, hire a Portuguese narrator, have your text translated to or from Portuguese or English professionally (paid service).

Who & Where
look up Brazilian CEPs (Zip Codes)look up Brazilian CEPs (zip codes) for any address in Brazilin Portuguese
Telephone Numberslook up telephone numbers of businesses and individuals anywhere in Brazilin Portuguese
Brazilian States, Abbreviations & InfoThe 26 states of Brazil and Federal Districtincluding their two letter abbreviations, capitols, populations, size, population density, per capita income, flags, locations maps and political map

Media & Information
Brazilian Media ResourcesLinks to all the major, local and regional Brazilian newspapers, magazines, radio, television, Internet service providers (ISPs) and search engines
Brazzil Magazine OnlineNews, forums, chat, music, calendar, classifieds, Brazzil Mall, publications, contacts and 1,000s of Brazilian-related links—the premier Internet web site about Brazil and all things Brazilian—an absolute MUST for anyone interested in Brazil

Money Matters
Brazilian Banking & BanksTop 10 banks in Brazil and information about their size, services, number of locations and more
Convert Brazilian Reais to/from Other CurrenciesCurrency exchange rates to/from Brazilian reais and dollars, euros, pounds, yen and many other major world currencies
Brazilian CurrencyInformation about the Brazilian real (Brazilian currency unit)
Brazilian Banknotes & Coins—Pictures (including the obverse/reverese side) of all the most current Brazilian banknotes and coins in circulation
Brazilian TaxesRecap of the various federal, state and local (municipal) taxes paid by individuals in Brazil
What Things Cost in BrazilA listing of a wide variety of different supermarket products and what they cost in Brazil

National Symbols & History
BrazilComprehensive Description & Anaysishistory, geography, society, economy, political system & foreign policy published by the Research Division of the Library of Congress
The Flag of BrazilIts symbolism, description, meaning and a bit of history
Hino Nacional Brasileiro (Brazilian National Anthem) play .mp3 vocal version with lyrics in Portuguese_Music: Francisco Manuel da Silva;  Lyrics: Joaquim Osório Duque Estrada (in Portuguese and English)
Brazilian Expeditionary ForceFEB (Força Expedicionária Brasileira)Brazil and the Allies during WWII —the "Smoking Cobras"

Time, Weather & MeasurementCurrent Time in Rio, São Paulo & Brasília
Time in BrazilBrazil's three time zones, current time in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro & Brasilía, time zone map, future start and stop dates for Daylight Savings Time
Today's Weather Forecast for all Regions of BrazilBrazilian weather map with today's predicted low / high temperatures in Celsiusclick on map to close it
Convert TemperaturesConvert between temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius
Convert Length MeasurementsConvert between miles, kilometers, meters, yards, feet, inches, centimeters and millimeters

Tourism & Travel
Brazil Travel Tips & InformationHelpful information and tips about planning your Brazilian adventure and traveling in Brazil including information about visas, getting there, immigration & customs, arrival gateways, gringos & marajás, who Brazilians are, social customs, currency. using credit & debit cards, safety & security, health issues, weather, traveling in Brazil on airlines, intercity buses, city taxis, buses, subways and car rentals, hotels, food and restaurants, electricity, language, communications and shopping
Brazilian TourismBrazilian government tourism site provides a broad range of information about various areas and locations you may want to consider visiting in Brazilin English

Government & Legal Resources
Brazilian government web site with tons of business, cultural, tourist and ministerial information & links — curently only in Portuguese but soon in English
Brazilian Embassy & Consulates (in the USA , Canada, Mexico, Great Britain (UK), Australia & New Zealand)—jurisdictions, addresses, phones, web site links, visa forms and information
CIA Factbook—BrazilFacts, figures and data about Brazil from the U.S. government
U.S. Embassy in Brazil  —   U.S. Consulate in São Paulo  U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro  U.S. Consulate in Recife  All U.S. Consulate Addresses in Brazil
U.S. Citizenship & Immigration ServicesOfficial U.S. Government Department of Homeland Security web site with immigration and naturalization information and forms

Cachaça and CaipirinhaAll about the Brazilian national drink and cocktail including pronunciations, history, how it's made, recipes, where to buy in the USA, links and more
Brazilian Beers (Cervejas Brasileiras)All about Brazilian beers, how they are packaged, chilled and served, approximate costs, available brands and brewers
2014 World Cup - Brazilthe 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Using Windows
Windows United States International KeyboardHow to type all diactricals (accented characters) required for Portuguese and all other Western European languages

Using Windows ScandiskHow to run Scandisk on your Windows on your 95, '98 or ME Windows system
Using Windows Chkdsk on XPHow to run chkdsk on your Windows on your XP or Windows 2000 system
Using Windows Chkdsk on VistaHow to run chkdsk on your Windows Vista system

Microsoft Security Essentials—Free, high quality anti virus program for your home Windows PC. Regarded by many as better than any other available anti virus programs. Download, installation and use requires a legal Windows operating system installation.
Pirifiorm CCleaner—CCleaner helps make your PC faster and more secure by cleaning and eliminating cookies, temporary files and other "junk" on your hard drive. Small and fast download and easy to install and use. CCleaner is Freeware and donations are encouraged but not required.
Free Windows Registry Repair—Much of the decline in Windows performance on any machine can be attributed to Windows registry errors. Free Window Registry Repair allows you to regularly repair your Windows registry. It automatically backs up any repairs made so that you always can restore the Windows registry to the original state. Windows Registry Repair is Freeware and donations are encouraged but not required. contains some links to third party web sites for the convenience of our visitors, including many of those above, which we do not control nor maintain. These sites were visited before being placed here and are periodically checked to confirm that they are still active.  However, does not control content on these links. If you have reached through a third party link that you have found offensive, please contact us. disclaims any representation or warranty concerning any information that may be found and/or made available through such links. Links are provided solely for general information and should not be relied upon for any particular purpose. expressly disclaims any and all representations and/or warrantees concerning the accuracy or completeness of information presented or obtained through such links. Visitors assume any and all risks associated with any and all use of such information and any and all liabilities for any claims, causes of action, or damages, direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential, relating to or the information and/or links presented therein.

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