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While not all irregular Portuguese verbs are included on this list, some of the most used and useful are. See the singular and plural subject pronouns and the notations used for all conjugation tables before proceeding. Please be aware that some irregular verbs are only irregular in one or only a few forms, while others (e.g. pôr) have almost no regular forms whasoever. Also see conjugations for regular Portuguese verbs (ending in AR, ER and IR) and even more Portuguese grammar information.

dar = to give
despedir = to say goodbye
dizer = to say/to tell
estar = to be (temporary or accidental condition)
fazer = to do/to make
haver = to have/to possess/to own/to happen
ir = to go
medir = to measure
ouvir = to hear
pedir = to ask
pôr = to put/to place (the most irregular verb of all)
querer = to want/to be willing
saber = to know
ser = to be (permanent condition)
ter = to have
trazer = to bring/to have/to carry
valer = to be worth
vir = to come

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